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Share the Inheritance is here and it's ready for you


The book we researched and wrote (and rewrote) and worried about and loved is printed and ready to be shipped to you. If you have been reading this blog with some regularity, you may have seen some of the book's subjects online, but not as they appear in the book. We think you'll be surprised and inspired by the ring of gifts you'll see.

If you asked David to tell you about the book, he might say it's full of fantastic British and American history. If you asked me to tell you, I'd say it's personal and spiritual and even mystical because it has had that effect on its pre-publication readers. It includes the story of Christ in Britain as you have rarely heard it told, and explores connections that have long been buried - for instance, why the words free and friend share the same root. Some people will call it subversive of the powers that be, and that will be a good thing. The gifts are good.


The book is rich with the stories of extraordinary men and women, and it's illustrated with 150 images. Yet it's not a huge book. It's 152 pages, hardcover (without a dust jacket), and you can carry it with you on a plane or a train, on a trip or a commute.

Wherever you read it, you will be reading about yourself and about the gifts that belong to you by inherited right, in the beautiful light of your inheritance.

As the Baroness Cox of Queensbury says in the Foreword to the book, Share the Inheritance invokes a vision, one that brings healing and life.


What else do I need to know?

Relatively speaking it's not an expensive book. We've tried to keep the price low. But, since it was printed in Britain, shipping it across the Atlantic adds to its price. In Britain it costs £9.99, plus shipping of £3.01. For Americans and Canadians, the book costs $13.99, plus shipping of $11.74. Those are just Royal Mail and box costs. We're packing the books for free.

These are tough times for many of us, but even so 'we do not live for bread alone', and this book is a book to have by your side. We wrote Share the Inheritance to be interesting and accessible to inquisitive adults and intelligent children, and we will be very happy - thrilled - if those of you who are parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and family friends buy it for children as well as for yourselves.

Oscar Wilde observed that a cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. In contrast, you know the value of many things and are likely to know far more than we've been able to include in our book. You will examine the Inheritance we've described with your experience and vision thereby deepening and enlarging our account.

Below you can see the book's Contents - the print in the image is quite a bit smaller than in the book, but it gives you an idea of the subject matter -



You can easily buy Share the Inheritance using the PayPal links below - you don't need a PayPal account. On PayPal you can choose to pay using either your credit card, or your PayPal account.



Buy Share the Inheritance and we'll ship it straight to you with our best wishes and thanks.

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