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The winds of the Internet

Daniel Hannan argues that the Internet is blowing a life-giving wind on Britain and moving her from the stifling embrace of the EU towards the Anglosphere, where Britain naturally belongs.

The Internet makes it as easy for my constituents to do business with a company in New Zealand as with a company in Belgium. Easier, indeed, because the Kiwi company shares our common law, accountancy practices, commercial traditions and language. . . . The Internet, as Douglas Carswell argues, is ironing out a kink in our cultural and political alignment, whereby a small elite artificially reoriented our foreign policy, our trade and even our news cycle away from our old alliances and towards Europe. That’s the great thing about the web (or, from a Europhile perspective, the disagreeable thing): it democratises.

We can hope.

The surge in Britons seized under the controversial "no-evidence-needed" European Arrest Warrant and exported for trial abroad like so many pieces of bacon, makes chilling reading. Those are the EU ties that bind, and it will be a strong wind that breaks them.

Thanks to both Instapundit and National Review for the link.

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