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The Fall of Giants

Ken Follett's latest book is Fall of Giants. To be published in September, it is the first installment in a trilogy about the 20th century. Whether Ken's political sympathies affect his book, we don't know. (He is supposed to be a Labour supporter.) However, talk show host Hugh Hewitt says that Fall of Giants "delivers a deeply interesting story about the lives and societies first shattered and then remade by the Great War" and "the easiest, most enjoyable 984 pages I have read in a long time". Hugh is a lawyer, so you may parse that last sentence tongue-in-cheek.

Seriously, making history accessible is a wonderful thing. As Hugh remarks, "It even stands a chance of making the Russian revolution accessible and even engrossing to American readers who have not had AP history in high school".

"Ken Follett was twenty-seven when he wrote Eye of the Needle, an award-winning thriller that became an international bestseller. After several more successful thrillers, he surprised everyone with The Pillars of the Earth, about the building of a cathedral in the Middle Ages, which continues to captivate readers all over the world. His last book was the long-awaited sequel, World Without end, a number one bestseller in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France. He lives in England with his wife, Barbara Follett. He has sold more than 100 million copies of his books."

Enough time to revisit Pillars of the Earth. . .that does sound like heaven.

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