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Ghostly voices

One of the strongest arguments against the unaccountable, exorbitant and tax-savage European Union was made by British subjects who have been dead for two centuries. In July 1774, they wrote -

That the most important and valuable part of the British constitution, upon which its very existence depends, is the fundamental principle of the people’s being governed by no laws to which they have not given their consent, by representatives freely chosen by themselves who are affected by the laws they enact equally with their constituents, to whom they are accountable, and whose burthens they share, in which consists the safety and happiness of the community . . .- The Brits of Fairfax County, Virginia

That word burthens is, of course, burdens. Do you believe that representatives with high salaries, plushy pensions and fiddled expense accounts - all paid for by you - are sharing your burdens?

Do you believe that the British people have freely given their consent to laws passed by the grandees of 26 other countries?

Does anyone believe that our representatives are accountable to us? A few of them, yes. A few.

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