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Thanking them for their courage

On Memorial Day -

My wife's parents were liberated at Belsen by British soldiers (who had been fighting Hitler for five years). Her future life was possible, quite literally, because of their courage. She never fails to pass a serviceman without saying "Thanks for your service." My father, the most perfect person I have ever known, served in the Army, then the Army Air Corps, and finally the Navy. He joined the Navy in 1942, although he was exempt from the draft in 1941, because he felt that is was the moral duty of every man to fight Hitler. Each day we are safe because soldiers, sailors, airman, corpsmen, and policemen place themselves between us and evil.

Thanking them, remembering those we cannot thank because they fell in our defence, and working faithfully every day to defend the freedom of our neighbours, our children and our grandchildren. . .

Gratitude to Instapundit for the link.

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