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Our sentiments exactly


Wellington Square, Kensington and Chelsea
Image: Copyright: D Johnston / Geograph / Creative Commons Licence

Harry Mount writes -

Poor old Prince Charles is getting it in the neck again, for having a word with the Qatari royal family, and so stopping the building of their eyesore, designed by Lord Rogers, on the site of the old Chelsea Barracks.

Well, good for Prince Charles. . .

Prince Charles is misguided and spoilt on all sorts of things, but not when it comes to buildings. He actually reflects much more what the man in the street feels, than the self-satisfied architects and developers.

. . .Ask a random punter whether they’d prefer to live in a handsome Georgian terraced house or a glass and steel box, and you can guess the answer. Or you could always ask Lord Rogers – he lives in not one, but two beautiful Georgian terraced houses knocked together, in lovely old Chelsea, just down the road from the Barracks.

Perhaps Harry is wrong, and people like those glass and steel 'carbuncles'. Perhaps profit trumps all. I realize it costs money to live in a Georgian house, but if we're so advanced, why can't we design houses we punters want to live in today?

Wiki has a nice piece on Chelsea and its bohemian past.

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