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Thoughts about the future from The Queen, a soldier, Simon Cowell and flooded Nashville

Yesterday we linked to an article by show business entrepreneur Simon Cowell. He told us 1) the British people are full of talent 2) government needs to stop over-regulating and overtaxing them and drastically reduce Britain's mountain of debt 3) families are their children's best allies and 4) everyone needs to return to 'old-school respect'.

The Queen has a slightly different idea. Her crucial thought comes at the end of the video below, after she's met a small soldier. He attributed his brave and gallant actions, for which she was recognizing him, to something other than bravery and gallantry. The Queen imitated him telling her what it was, and mused on his answer.

We think it's the answer to the challenges facing many people and many countries. It's the thing Cowell was talking about, though he never actually mentions it by name.

The video contains several intriguing moments. One shows The Queen exuberantly clapping and rubbing her hands before she walks briskly and solemnly to the centre of the room, the doors swing open and her next guest arrives.

Since you may not want to watch the video, we'll quote The Queen. She had been greatly affected by the soldier and his answer -

Like the small soldier I was giving a gallantry award to, and I said, 'That was a very brave thing to do'.

'Awf', he said, 'it was just the training'.

I have a feeling that in the end, probably, the training is the answer to a great many things.

You can do a lot if you're properly trained. . .

She added, rather poignantly, 'I hope I have been'.

We have wondered fiercely about The Queen's constitutional training. Perhaps she does, too.

Training can be a trap, of course, but it's life-giving and freeing for the football player and singer, the electrician and artist, the plumber and pilot, the doctor and The Queen. When you know what you're doing, life is so much better.

Training includes attitude - I can do this, it's worth doing well, I won't complain, I will be honest, I will have a sense of humour about setbacks. Those are a few of the outstanding attitudes that make people great.

It's that attitude, that community training, you might say, that has helped Nashville, home of the GRAND OLE OPRY, survive a 1,000-year-old flood a few days ago. There has been nary a whimper or a hint of looting - though they are a little cross they didn't make the news. They have simply gone about the business of surviving and wringing themselves out, to the music of Here Comes the Sun -

One bit training that is life-saving - forget it and you will die -

Your Car Is Not a Boat.

That is the thing about training - the training which The Queen, the soldier and Simon Cowell recommend - it's life-saving.

Thanks to Daniel Foster for the Nashville link.

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