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The next election and the crusts of slavery

David has had thoughts about Britain's General Election and he has sent them to undecided voters -

Appalled and intrigued

When thinking how best to cast your vote in the General Election, you may be as appalled and intrigued by the possibilities as I am. You may remember that in past elections I stood for the UK Independence party and served as Winchester Chairman. I believe there are parties with ideas worth voting for in this election, but the three main parties are not among them, as I think you have long suspected.

Suspicions about the three main parties

Our country is in terrible trouble. More than a decade of socialism has been a disaster, and there is no alternative on the horizon. None of the three main parties want Britain to be an independent, self-governing nation of responsible and inspiring people with a government grounded in Judeo-Christian ethics of honesty, promise-keeping, democratic decision-making and compassion.

They all think we should remain in the EU to be governed by unelected and frequently corrupt bureaucrats. They will not stand behind race-blind employment. They will not have a real scientific debate about 'man-made' global warming. They will not defend free speech and free association. They are not willing to reform an education system that neither educates nor makes children happy. They will not oppose a tidal wave of immigration that now amounts to an invasion. They continue to oppress us with ruinous debts and heavy taxes while enlarging the size of an interfering, undemocratic government. They continue to encourage the Marxist ideology that manipulates and warps our institutions and society.

Anyone but these

I would urge you to vote for any candidate other than those standing with Lib-Dem, Conservative or Labour rosettes. We all know that Labour and the Lib-Dems are keen to destroy Britain’s independence and Christian heritage, but are the Conservatives any better?

Those of you who vote may feel that you have to vote Tory as the best chance of defeating the Lib-Dem and Labour candidates. May I remind you that voting Tory is supporting David Cameron, the man who gave us a 'cast-iron' promise that we would have a referendum on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty and then complacently broke his pledge. In so doing he spat in all our faces. You also will be voting for the party that falsely led us into the EU and forced the Maastricht Treaty on Parliament.

To vote for any of the three major parties is to vote for the continued destruction of our country. You have an alternative.

You have an alternative

A vote that goes to any party but the three main parties is likely to be a vote for freedom and independence. Will it get the party's candidate into Parliament? Perhaps not. It will be a strong signal that you will not eat the crusts of slavery.

I salute you for working to defend Britain against the stealthy and ruthless assaults made against her and against us who are her people.

Yours sincerely,

David F. Abbott
Kingsmere Meadow
Winchester S021 2BL

Comments (2)

Alan Wood:

I agree that we need a hung Parliament but a CON/LIBDEM alliance is less preferable to a CON/UKIP alliance. I hope for the situation where the CONS need UKIP votes in Parliament.

However, a LIBDEM success will be the end for Britain therefore I am sending you my thoughts.

1. The public now wish to replace the Labour Party (at last) and they will look to another PARTY to do that. It looked odds-on that they would use the CONSERVATIVE party. However, the decision to hold a 3-way TV contest has given the Liberal-Democrats a giant dose of publicity. The Establishment/Political Elite want Britain in a federal (Regionalised) EU and the LIBDEMS are the most pro-EU party ( along with GREEN, SNP, PLAID CYMRU ) to support the EU Regional model. That is why the LIBDEMS are getting disproportionate support from the ESTABLISHMENT's movers and shakers.

To get your ENGLAND (Britain) back at this election
the pro-England parties like UKIP, ENGLISH DEMOCRATS, UK FIRST, POPULAR ALLIANCE, JURY TEAM, CHRISTIAN PARTY or BNP would have to win this election.

It is not going to happen. They are not yet strong enough alone or together to win this first past the post election, although there is a probability of wins in certain seats.

The CONSERVATIVE party appears not to be strong enough to win outright but a lot can happen still. "A week is a long time in politics", as 'BIGOT' BROWN discovered.

A CONSERVATIVE win may spare us from the EURO, but the EU is racing ahead with plans to take over everything such that ENGLAND will cease to exist, and be governed by Regional agencies. The financial problems of the Eurozone may slow things up but the EU always uses a crisis to grab more power !
The CONSERVATIVE party says that it will take back some power from the EU. That is a false hope in my opinion due to the EU's powers in the Lisbon Treaty.

2. There are three schools of thought:-

a) A CONSERVATIVE outright win gets rid of LABOUR and gets back control of ENGLAND - er, NO!
The EU controls most of the LAW that governs England, and it is trying to grab the rest, including JUSTICE, FINANCIAL SERVICES & DEFENCE.
In view of CONSERVATIVE support for the EU you have to judge whether they will hold out or give in, as Ken Clarke and many other pro-EU Conservatives would advocate.

b) A hung parliament with LIBDEMS supporting the CONSERVATIVES is not too bad. Er, NO!
The LIBDEMS will want PR and more EU integration. They will move the agenda towards the EU style of government and regional government. But will PR help the smaller parties?
It depends which type of PR is chosen. The likelihood is that it will accelerate the loss of power for the UK/ENGLAND parliament because the 3 main parties will agree a PR system which helps them. Obvious innit?

c) A hung parliament with the pro-England support of UKIP etc. (BNP would not be invited into the CONSERVATIVE coalition, but would be bound to vote against more EU).
This is the least-worst solution to save ENGLAND.


1. Always vote against the possibility of a LIBDEM, GREEN, SNP or PLAID CYMRU win. Try to support pro-ENGLAND parties where it will not affect the CONSERVATIVE party.

2. In 'safe' LABOUR seats with CONSERVATIVE in poor 3rd place vote LABOUR to keep out LIBDEM.

3. In marginal LABOUR seats with CONSERVATIVE in 3rd place vote LABOUR, unless a
pro-ENGLAND party like UKIP or ENGLISH DEMOCRATS are running a serious campaign to replace LABOUR (Mostly in the North or Midlands).

4. In 3-way LAB/LIB/CON marginals vote CONSERVATIVE.

4. Wherever CONSERVATIVE were in 1st or 2nd place vote CONSERVATIVE, except where CONSERVATIVE are in 'safe' seats, in which case a 'support' vote for a pro-ENGLAND party is justified so that they save their deposit.

Thank you for reading this far.

Best wishes

Alan Wood CEng MSc MIMechE
Orchard House

If you have not yet tired of reading my views please see my views on the financial crisis:-


If you have attended any hustings meetings like myself, or watched the TV debates, you will have heard the promises made by Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and their candidates. The gnawing issue has been UK debt.

The public know that public sector spending ‘cuts’ are coming, as they have in our Euroland neighbours Ireland and Greece, and will be in Portugal & Spain. But the solution to solvency has not been adequately debated.

The public have had an unprecedented rollercoaster ride of profligacy since North Sea gas and oil was brought on stream to provide cheap fuel for domestic and industrial use, and an income stream. The public had “never had it so good” as Prime Minister Harold Macmillan so presciently put it in 1957.

We have “spent, spent, spent” on public services and social engineering whilst the income stream from sale of our state assets has diminished. Our income and employment opportunities from the manufacturing sector have been decimated. Whilst we have spent our assets and have accumulated debts on goods made predominantly in Asia and Europe our industries and the ‘cheap’ fuels to service them have been declining. We have substituted “makework” jobs in the state sector whilst the financial services industry have used our savings to support worldwide manufacturing companies - our competitors!

Britain is on the edge of the financial abyss; unprecedented debt, declining energy stocks, increasing population, uncompetitive manufacturing companies, overweight bureaucracy in the public sector.

Britain’s currency has been falling in value but it is our saving grace that we did not join the Euro after the failed Conservative government attempt to track the German mark, prior to the Euro.

We need new industries and sources of energy for them in a world where oil and gas production may have peaked. But the Liberal-Democrats decry nuclear and fossil-fuel energy production. We need to depopulate but the major parties support EU “Open Borders”. We need to utilise our farming resources better but the major parties support EU farming policy. We need to downsize bureaucracy but the Liberal-Democrats and Labour party want more EU “state” control.

To dig ourselves out of this financial hole we need freedom to act in the interests of our country in an industrial world where access to ENERGY is paramount. If you do not have energy sources of your own you need to trade food, manufactured goods and services profitably to buy it. Our financial institutions have to support British interests in UK, not overseas.

The next few years will demand a strong government to make tough decisions in our Parliament without their hands being tied by EU regulations. Otherwise, our standard of living could decline rapidly. Germany recovered after World War 2 through tough but fair measures allied to industrial co-operation between the Government, companies and their banks, and trades unions.

As the party which has always promoted the EU, the Euro, and full integration into the EU, the Liberal-Democrats represent the biggest threat to Britain’s future prosperity.

So, I say to the British public, “Vote anything but Liberal-Democrat in your constituency.”


David, well done! Let's hope that your message resonates with its recipients and they respond with action. Well done, friend!

(Alan, excellent strategy.)

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