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Senators in Canada defend free speech - with what results?

Despite our 400-year tradition of free speech, [which came to Canada from Britain - Cat], the tyrannical instinct to censor still exists.

I'll say it does. And good for Senator Doug Finley and other Senators to say so. Now, what will the Senators actually do to protect free speech from the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

It is deeply offensive that it is the Human Rights Commission which is attacking the free speech of human beings. One poor loon actually thought freedom of speech was only 'an American concept'. We rejoice at the vistas opening before him when he actually sits down and reads some history.

Having walked part way round a lake where people and birds were going about their sunlit lives, having exchanged waves with the engineer of a passing train, I have, once again, the quiet feeling that most people in North America want to go about their business with peace and justice to all. They are not looking for a fight. They are usually kind to other people's skins, and pretty thick-skinned themselves. They want to be able to speak their minds. If you don't like it - well, Canada and America are tolerant countries, and you can always meet the offense by rising and speaking your own mind.

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