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We trusted them


Image: Howard Maunders

We trusted them to build piers that kept us safe when we walked above the sea.

For a thousand years, people built houses, schools, public halls, piers and ships according to the unstated community consensus that if you were a builder you built to keep us safe. That, I think, is one of the definitions of trust and one reason we can't live without it.

Garth Pier was built in 1896. In 1914, the SS Christiana broke free of her moorings and collided with the pier, causing extensive damage. Repaired, the pier was later closed due to safety concerns. It was restored and opened to the public in 1988.

Do you know what I think is especially poignant? For a long time most of us trusted our elected representatives. We believed they wanted to do their best by us. In our innocence we never dreamed they were corrupted by power and money. Many of us still want to believe they want to do their best by us, even when evidence to the contrary is staring us in the face. We just can't believe they don't care if they hurt us.

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