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Straight talk

In his February 2010 Straight Talk , Roger Helmer MEP reports on patriotic Southampton taxi drivers; the response of Danish trade unions to the Greek crisis; IPCC climate-change hysteria, now proved to be just that, hysterical; and stopping wind turbines - a boondoggle that will deface Britain. Helmer joined local people in protesting.

In Helmer's December 2008 Newsletter he reported that "Professor David MacKay of Cambridge University is a strong supporter of wind farms - but claims in a new book that they will require 'at least five times more land than estimated'. To supply even a sixth of UK generating capacity would require 'an area the size of Wales'".

My observation - only an academic intellectual could support wind power while understanding that it would require all of the land in Wales to supply one-sixth of Britain's power needs. And even then you won't get any power when the wind's not blowing.

Straight talk - always illuminating.

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