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A hero acts


Don't worry, dear. The train never arrives on time.
Image: Rita Tushingham

To save a child or to defend freedom a hero acts without regard to self. A hero acts swiftly and, if necessary, keeps plugging away for years.

Almost three years ago, John Gouriet and Ashley Mote presented Scotland Yard with a mass of evidence that the prime minister and several members of Mr Blair’s cabinet had committed malfeasance or treason. The case rested on the fact that "the government had overthrown the constitution of the United Kingdom by passing sovereign powers to the European Union".

"The silence from Scotland Yard was deafening." Mote and Gouriet were told to wait for a considered reply, but none came in more than a year.

Finally they complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Another "deafening silence".

Recently, however, the Police Commission responded by asking Mote and Gouriet additional questions.

The police cannot ignore illegal acts

A glance at the Bill of Rights shows us that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. Why, then, is the British government pouring £billions into the foreign states of the EU and allowing 80 percent of new British laws to be dictated by the EU? Because they want to ride the EU gravy train?

Mote and Gouriet point out that the Bill of Rights 1689 remains the law, as Betty Boothroyd, then Speaker of the House of Commons, confirmed in a reminder to the Law Courts on 21 July 1993.

Eirian Walsh Atkins, Head of Constitutional Policy at the Ministry of Justice, confirmed the fact in an interesting 2009 letter to us. She stated -

You are right to point out parts of the British Constitution are written and we can confirm that statutes that you mention such as the Bill of Rights 1688/9 and Act of Settlement 1701 are some of the many statutes that make up our uncodified constitution.

Mote and Gouriet await further action from the police. We hope they will not wait long. Britannia is on the tracks, and the EU gravy train keeps rolling.

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This saddens me so much when I think of the brave heroic acts of so many to protect our "freedom and precious liberty". Now it seems like it is being needlessly transferred and diminished. One should only give up their individual freedom and liberty in exchange for protection of someone else's freedom and liberty. In her 1996 song "What Did He Die For?", Twila Paris draws a comparison between the sacrifice of a soldier who fought in Normandy in 1944 with that of Christ. I wonder what each man would think now on both sides of the Atlantic. Did they make a fair exchange? (While there are many versions on line, one YouTube video is located here: )

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