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In praise

Mike Potemra -

"Let me offer, as a change of pace, an example of. . .a succinct, profound, and moving address by the Archbishop of Canterbury, who was here in New York on Monday to accept the Campion Award from the Jesuits of America magazine. The choice of the leader of the Anglican Church to receive a prize named after a Catholic martyr of the English Reformation has been found scandalous by the sort of people who find that sort of thing scandalous. But the Archbishop’s remarks fit the occasion superbly: He reflected on “the fathomlessness of grace,” martyrdom as an assertion of human dignity and of the limitless nature of human possibility, the Christian life as one of forgiveness and reconciliation — and speculated on the tantalizing (but unproven) possibility of a meeting between William Shakespeare and St. Edmund Campion. All this — in a speech of just twelve minutes. . .I must give credit where credit is due: He certainly rose to this occasion."

The audio is here.

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