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Getting to the bottom of it


Brown Wardle, Whitworth, Lancashire, about 24 hours ago
Image: Howard Maunders, Beautiful Britain On this Day

Today, when hundreds of schools in the north are closed due to ice, you may recall that the Met Office forecast a mild winter. (That prediction came after the Met forecast a "barbecue" summer; as you may have noticed we experienced more than 40 sodden days of rain.) These predictions were part of the Met's insistence on global warming, and reflect poorly on its grasp of the weather.

Emails from East Anglia's Hadley Climatic Research Centre suggest that Brits have been involved in covering up lack of scientific support for manmade global warming.

But a number of stalwart Brits have been involved in uncovering the scientific evidence that there is no manmade global warming. Christopher Booker , Lord Monckton and Philip Foster come happily to mind. Richard North has written a devastating series on the global warming financial scam. All worth reading if you are interested in the future.

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