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'Springs of strength and joy'

In the post below, Brad Lena described his reasons for optimism. He can see the forces arrayed against freedom, but he is optimistic.

I think there is another reason to be optimistic, a reason which Brad acknowledges. That reason is faith.

Like it or dislike it, every major advance in the cause of freedom and justice in Britain and America was made by people of faith. Most of them were Christian.

Some of them - Stephen Langton, who helped to create and defend Magna Carta and William Wilberforce, who helped to abolish the slave trade and slavery - were Christian contemplatives.

Engish mystic Evelyn Underhill (1875-1941) taught and wrote about Christian contemplation, and left us a prayer that expresses the contemplative's purpose -

O Blessed Jesu Christ, who didst bid all who carry heavy burdens to come to thee, refresh us with thy presence and thy power. Quiet our understandings and give ease to our hearts, by bringing us close to things infinite and eternal. Open to us the mind of God, that in his light we may see light. And crown thy choice of us to be thy servants, by making us springs of strength and joy to all whom we serve.

Springs of strength and joy to all whom we serve!

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Amen to that, and a Happy New Year to all who read this marvellous blog. Thank you.

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