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New galleries open at the V&A


Image: V&A and Apollo Magazine

The Victoria and Albert Museum has opened 10 new medieval and Renaissance galleries.

Richard Dorment wrote in the Telegraph -

There is a beautiful moment in the Romanesque section when the visitor’s path through the gallery is blocked by a monumental stone screen dating from about 1160. Looking through the three semi-circular arches and slim columns surmounted by decorative capitals, we catch a glimpse of a tour de force of the medieval goldsmith’s art – a gilded tabernacle made in Cologne in the form of a domed basilica decorated with champlevé (raised ground) enamel and carved ivory figures – one of only two such objects in the world.

I could spend the rest of this article describing the 13th-century French stained glass, or rave about the 14th-century English textiles, tapestries, and illuminated manuscripts lent by the British Museum for a rotating display. But two objects near the end of the medieval display stand out. . .

Caroline Campbell wrote in Apollo -

The V&A was the first national museum in Britain to establish a research department, and a methodical intellectual re-examination of the museum’s vast medieval and renaissance holdings has under-pinned the seven years of work on the galleries.

Vast medieval and renaissance holdings. . .What a wonderful lurk this must be.

By the way, Apollo Magazine was founded in London in 1925. It looks stunning and covers with scholarly interest everything from antiquities to contemporary art.

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Death Bredon:

Just one more reason for a long overdue "homecoming" visit.

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