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Enchanted April

The Anchoress had a post on great men you don't know - not Brits, but wonderful men - and - the Anchoress can do many things at once - she reminded us of Enchanted April with Miranda Richardson, Josie Lawrence, Joan Plowright, Jim Broadbent and Michael Kitchen. At the moment, the whole film is up on Youtube, and quite enchanting on a cold November night.

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Wisconsin Anglophile :

I have been wondering if I should add this movie to my collection. Thanks to you, my doubts have been dispelled.

Death Bredon:

A wonder movie. I really liked Michael Kitchen's understated role. I have wanted to take up the oboe ever since!


And you have reminded me of another small pearl, a 1984 British television film called December Flower with Jean Simmons, Mona Washbourne, Bryan Forbes and others. Tender and charming, tough and spirited, English through and through. The Wikipedia entry spoils the plot, so avoid reading it. December Flower appears to be out of print, but I have a copy on VHS tape if you would like to borrow it.

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