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Remembrance Day Sunday


Between services, we walked up the hill behind the church to the War Memorial - young and old, the Vicar, not usually in his robes, but in them today, some soldiers in uniform, and many young people because it's a young people's church. We wore poppies. We sang a hymn - 'O God our help in ages past'. Buglers sounded the Last Post. We stood for two minutes of silence to remember and give thanks to those who had given their lives, their loves, their future to defend freedom.

I thought how precious our freedom was, how hard it had been to gain - over a thousand years of struggle - and how it is always under attack. No mere word, the ancient word freedom, but a state of being which gives us the rule of just law, science and friendship and the free economy, the chance to raise our children in peace and to see our grandchildren happy.

We were given a priceless gift by those who gave their lives for us. We cannot let their sacrifice be in vain.

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