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Britain loses one of its finest - Staff Sergeant Olaf Sean George Schmid


Oz Schmid
Image: Michael Yon

From Michael Yon -

Courage is as common as boots among these soldiers, but Olaf stood out even in that company. You could tell that Olaf knew his business from mean experience, and that he was ready for battle. His mind was very quick.

His crew was competent and confident, and worked faster to clear bombs than any I had seen. If not, the soldiers could never have completed this mission, because there simply were too many bombs. They say all beekeepers get stung, but these are not bees. These soldiers were facing an extraordinary number of bombs and booby-traps that are designed to kill the team.

A loving and beloved husband and father, at home he lived with his family in Winchester. Oz was killed on the last day of his five-month tour.

Lt Col Robert Thomson, the commanding officer of the 2 Rifles Battle Group, said: Staff Sgt Oz Schmid was simply the bravest and most courageous man I have ever met.

Under relentless IED and small arms attacks, he stood taller than the tallest. He opened the Pharmacy Road and 24 hours later, found 31 IEDs in one go on route Sparta. Every single company in 2 Rifles adored working with him.

No matter how difficult or lethal the task which lay in front of us, he was the man who only saw solutions.”

Ave atque Vale.

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