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Suffragettes too militant?


Emmeline Pankhurst, leader of the Suffragettes.

The BBC has released a Suffragette archive that features television and radio interviews with key Suffragettes and a modern discussion that criticizes them for becoming too militant.

Hmm, "the mother half of the human family" had been working to obtain equal political rights for centuries. The Suffragettes had the support of millions of British women, but had been contemptuously ignored as late as 1908 by the liberal Asquith government which imprisoned them and had them violently force fed when they went on hunger strike. (Emmeline was jailed, but they did not dare to touch her.)

It's a pity, isn't it, when the only way that men and women can focus the attention of their government is by being militant.

The Liberty Timeline has more about the Suffragettes.

Comments (2)

Death Bredon:

Thank goodness for the Suffragettes! Now that women are the electoral majority, my habit of blaming everything on women now has an air of plausibility. ;-)


But only an air. . .

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