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At Sir John Soane's Museum - out of disappointment, a gift

Because he became disappointed in his sons, Sir John decided to turn his house over to the nation, and what a house it was.

Amateurs - who come at Sir John's special invitation - and architects have long visited the houses and stable block which he transformed into one of the world's more fascinating lurks - the Breakfast Room with its domed ceiling inset with convex mirrors, classical and medieval fragments collected in the courtyards and the ingenious lighting of The Picture Gallery, which holds three times as many items as the space suggests due to folding panels - you must request them to be opened and wait for a group to gather. The collection includes Hogarth's eight canvases of a Rake's Progress. That, at least, is what I have heard. I have never been. I'd like to go. And today -


Order: Myth, Meaning and Beauty in Architecture

You are invited to explore the 'secret' language of meaning in ancient buildings at Sir John Soane's Museum. The exhibition draws on some of the 30,000 drawings in the collection, and has just opened. Admission is free.

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What a fabulous place Sir John's house sounds! How would you go about obtaining an invite?

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