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The Fossil Hunter

I don't agree with some of the opinions embedded in Shelley Emling's account of Mary Anning, the remarkable 19th century woman who blazed the trail for Darwin by "uncovering and piecing together the fossils of never-before-seen monsters—monsters that had been hidden away for nearly 200 million years in the cliffs up and down England's southern coastline".

Mary Anning believed in God, and Emling, her biographer, thinks she must have been or certainly should have been terrified by her dinosaur discoveries. I think there are several presumptions here. The first is that God wouldn't use evolution as a tool. The second is that if He had, He wouldn't have let dinosaurs evolve with their "bat-like wings, snake-like necks, and big, bulging eyes". They're just too big and ugly. The conclusion - there can't be a God.

Well, why couldn't God like dinosaurs?

Or magnificently tolerate them? The way, it is sometimes said, He tolerates and loves us?

Here is the article from the Wall Street Journal -Digging and the Divine.

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Yes! Right on! God loves/loved dinosaurs. After all, several of us are too big and ugly for Emling's God to love, and yet there are moments when we bask in His glow and give most humble and hearty thanks. Well said...

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