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Wondering about the Normans and invasions today

J Hodge read What they saved from 1066 and wrote us:

Was the Norman invasion "one of those instances when a blend caused by the imposition of one culture on another causes a blend that is stronger than the original parts?"

As a child I always rooted for the Anglo-Saxons. Today I see things a little differently. The Normans were Norse in origin and they were Christian. They weren't always good Christians. William the Conqueror built Battle Abbey because the Pope was incensed he had killed so many fellow Christians in England. But Normans who respected Judaeo-Christian teachings respected Common Law which embodied them - murder is wrong, theft is wrong, you are an individual born with dignity, responsible for your actions. . .If you are unfair, there are Normans and Anglo-Saxons who will stop you.

It was William's fourth son, Henry I, who agreed to the Charter of Liberties and the principle that no one, not even the king, is above the law. Granted it was in Henry's self-interest to do this - in payment for the English crown. But the Charter changed the history of England and the world for the better. Where this principle does not exist, people suffer miserably.

I could say something about the different cultures sweeping Britain today, including some with little respect for the rights of others, especially women, but I suspect what is occurring is clear to you. What I wish were as clear is the Inheritance that is being lost, that belongs to us, that was fought for by ordinary Brits over a thousand years.

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