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We've had the same feeling

The European Union and Westminster suck up news coverage and the country's energy and wealth. The more that Westminster Government does, and the more it costs us, the less we can and will do. Meanwhile those of us not living in the Westminster Village agree that things are getting worse and worse.

Why doesn't Westminster Government fulfill its duties under the Constitution and get out of the way so the rest of us can step up to meet our responsibilities and get on with it? Greg Dyke, the former head of the BBC, shares some of these views and names the BBC as a big stumbling block to reform.

Note that the BBC is so worried about his remarks it used a weird camera angle to photograph him and pipes up in the middle of a news article - "The BBC said its political coverage was highly regarded by the public". Pravda used to say the same thing.

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How about alternate name for the EU? Choose from the following: Eastasia, Eurasia, Oceania


Choose among the following EU names: Eurasia, Oceania. . .

Smart. Alas!

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