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Better late than never

The Labour architect of the EU's Lisbon Treaty has warned it puts the future of democracy in Britain at stake.

Former health minister Gisela Stuart said the treaty breached the fundamental democratic principle that voters can get rid of those in power.

Just weeks before the Irish are asked to vote again on the measure, she said it would also allow the EU to launch future power grabs completely unchecked.

The Irish are now being forced to vote a second time on the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty because they said no the first time. What's next? Will the EU elites appoint a new people if the Irish don't give them the answer they want?

Heart-breaking and infuriating when you consider the post below.

The good news is that 70 per cent of British voters want a Conservative government to offer a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, even if it is already law when they come to power.

Thanks to Harry Hoffman of Britannia Radio for sending the link to the Daily Mail.

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