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On to London - a hello from Ed and Will


This coming Saturday night, at 7:30 pm, the 19th of September, we will be singing in the South Bank Centre in London.

We couldn’t refuse this gig, nor did we wish to. The evening is called ‘Club Topicana ’, and is part of Topic Records’ 70th anniversary celebrations, with musicians and songs from all over Britain and Ireland.

We’ll be singing too, fresh from 7 months of walking and exploring between Canterbury and Saint Davids in far West Wales.

This leap to London town is an odd detour for us, but so the path unfolds. After this gig is done,and the songs sung, we'll be bicycling back to Wales,to resume our journey, till we settle in the woods for the winter. A valley in southern Snowdonia will hopefully be the venue for our winter rest, where we'll try to learn some good skills, and build strength for Springtime, when we'll carry on walking up into the North .

This will be our only visit to London for a very long while, and it’ll be much fun, with plenty of music that's rare, fresh, jolly and traditional.

It's this Saturday, at 7:30 pm, in the South Bank Centre, in old London Town.

“If a nice pint of beer goes along with anything, you’ll come along with me”.

Bring your family, pals and lovers, and we'll all enjoy the pleasure of good old songs doing their great works, in the heart of the flash grey city.

We look forward, and hope to see you there.

Ed and Will

We always like to hear from Ed and Will (and Ginger) who have been walking around Britain.

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