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The Genesis Enigma


Mike Potemra writes -

When you pick up a book titled The Genesis Enigma: Why the Bible Is Scientifically Accurate, you expect a fundamentalist attack on the theory of evolution, or at least a plea for Intelligent Design theory. In fact, the author, Andrew Parker, believes in evolution. A scientist based at Oxford University and the Natural History Museum in London, Parker is not a Bible literalist, and he dismisses Intelligent Design as a “concocted theory” characterized by “flawed logic” and “forced” theorizing. The book describes the remarkable similarity between the order of events described in the first chapter of Genesis and the scientifically known series of macro-evolutionary steps in the history of life on earth. Parker asks how a text written some 2,500 years before the development of modern science could have captured this order of events, and says it was either a lucky guess or a matter of inspiration.

Scientist Fred Hoyle has different ideas about intelligent design.

Personally I don't see why evolution couldn't be part of divine plan - an expression of God's hand.

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Personally I don't see why evolution couldn't be part of divine plan - an expression of God's hand

Yes, quite so, Cat. The Catholic Church agrees, too. Nothing precludes God bringing about Creation, and making us in his image, imago dei, slowly. We're the impatient ones! Best

I would like to present you information which is about to become a world sensation.As far as I`m concerned there is no connection until nowdays between Darwin`s theory and the version about the origin of the world in the Bible.According to the Bible the world has been created in six days,but according to the science this process has taken billions of years.If we exclude the difference in time and we pay attention to the SEQUENCE,we will see that there is no contradiction between both,but only the question-why in the Bible things happened so fast?There is an answer and it`s in the Bible itself.Moses described the creation from his own sight as an eyewitness.How could he have seen something happen before his existence?For forty days he has been at the mount Sinai where he got information about the past,present and future.The creation had been recreated to him there,he had seen how the already existing world had been made.The long process of evolution had been shown to him in the first six days and the SEVENTH day had been dedicated to human`s appearing.After that he had seen the difference between Adam`s origin and Eve`s one.Adam comes from the dirt in the process of evolution,but Eve comes from DNA material out his body,which marks another jump for the evolution or in other words-the missing section of the chain which science is looking for.The next Jump is coming...
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