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Great reporter gone

Yesterday we brought you another report from Michael Yon, embedded with 2 Rifles in Afghanistan.

Yon is an independent war reporter who has worked for the last five years to bring reports from Iraq and Afghanistan at his own expense. He has done what the newspapers and BBC have not done, giving us real information about how British and American soldiers live and fight. He depends on his website's readers, and has received small donations from us.

After reading Michael Yon's latest dispatch, which we linked to yesterday, the Ministry of Defence cancelled his embed.

This is the same MOD that has not supported British soldiers with adequate equipment, has put them in vehicles that exposed them to death and mutilation and has run out of helicopters. One of the brave men who died while riding in a wretched MOD vehicle is pictured in our masthead. Major Lex Roberts.

Here is our post yesterday -

Great Men


Brits check progress on bomb clearance
Image: Michael Yon

Michael Yon reports on the British in Afghanistan - if you want to really see and hear how it is and how brave these men are.

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Thanks to law professor Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit for keeping us up-to-date on Michael Yon.

Richard North of EUReferendum comments with his usual directness. That British troops defused dozens of IEDs while being denied the proper equipment is another tribute to their courageous enterprise and another slam against what Richard calls "the Ministry of Defeat">

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Well done! Keeping their feet to the fire.

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