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You'll want to help the Irish


Our friend, Fiona of Kildare. When she first called David about the Lisbon Treaty, she had heard only positive media reports of the EU, and since she was an artist, she loved Europe. The EU likes to conflate the two, but the EU and Europe are very different things. It could even be argued that the EU will be the death of Europe.

As you know, the Irish are being made to vote on the EU's Lisbon Treaty a second time because they voted no the first time. They didn't like the fact that the independence they had fought so long to achieve was going to be swept away by the EU. They were alarmed by increasing EU militarization. Iris Binstead has the details in SOS below. We wanted to highlight one point -

Irishman Roger Cole of PANA (Peace and Neutrality Alliance), writing in a recent email, observed:

“The elite have a massive amount of money and virtually all the Irish-owned media on their side and we cannot win unless the peoples of the EU states, especially Britain, give us all the help they can. One simple way of helping is to remember that 42% of the Irish people buy a British newspaper every day. Simply by writing to a British newspaper saying that you support the democratic struggle by the Irish people can make a difference”.

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Where are the heirs of CuChulainn and Brian Boru, who valued independence above life? But I shouldn't talk. Where indeed are the heirs of Ethan Allen and Marion the Swamp Fox, who could not have been bought for a health plan?

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