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Commander Dalgliesh reflects on the four Ls of crime


Yesterday evening, I found my friend Lena reading the latest mystery from PD James, the Lighthouse.

Lena loves ideas, which are always at play in a PD James. She pointed out this reflection by Dalgliesh as interesting to me. He thought -

Even our national history is taught or remembered in terms of the worst we did, not the best.

When it is remembered at all!

On another occasion, Dalgliesh quotes to himself the aper?u of Nobby Clark, the detective sergeant who had taken him under his wing when he was a young detective constable -

the letter L could cover all motives for murder: Lust, Lucre, Loathing and Love.

Judging by reviews, lust leads the list in this volume.

I wonder -

who has murdered British history? And why the loathing for the brave farmers of the Great Revolt and the Kett rebellion, the Tolpuddle Martyrs, the suffragettes, the heroes of World War II, to name but a few?

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A factual history of Great Britain has been murdered to prevent the good bits about it from being used by its citizens to cement their independence & distinction. The bad bits can be utilized readily for building "worldism".

The power of nationalism in both World Wars surprised & exasperated the "humanist" ideologues; they must exterminate the rogue genes of nationalism.

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