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Image: Associated Press

The cool Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup will spend a year in America. The Pittsburgh Penguins took it home on Monday.

The first game of ice hockey was played by British soldiers in Canada in the 1850s. It's believed the game was based on the English game of field hockey, the Irish game of hurling, the Scottish game of shinty and the Native American game of lacrosse.

A nice tradition: the winning team usually takes the Stanley Cup on the road, to raise money for charity.

Murray moments

Another victory today. Andy Murray's Wimbledon tournament in pictures.

Shaw's Candida glows

Terry Teachout writes -

Music was George Bernard Shaw’s first love, and he claimed that his plays were operas in disguise. Yet few composers have found inspiration in the chilly glitter of his dialogue, and only one musical version of a Shaw play, “My Fair Lady,” has hit the bull’s-eye - until now.

Terry seems a little insouciant to me. My Fair Lady is quite a bull's eye, and glitter only partly describes Shaw's writing. Autobiographical would be another description, as Terry points out. Shaw was a fascinating man. Brilliant, with enough unsubstantiated opinions to fill several large suitcases.

British scientists advance fight against superbugs

The Telegraph reports - Byotrol, which was first developed by a Manchester-based paint firm to fight bacteria in bread factories, has cut levels of MRSA on hospital wards by one third in the biggest trial of its kind. The results came from the 11-month independent study at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), following similar tests at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The antimicrobial technology may be able to eradicate superbugs from hospitals. It has a polymer based structure which enables it to kill bacteria days after being first applied, unlike conventional bleaches which stop working shortly after they dry.

What better subject?

With many more students applying to university this year, there is concern there are not enough places, but there is also this interesting news - at Birmingham, which has seen a nine per cent rise overall, there has been a 65 per cent rise in the number of students studying economics.

With any luck they are studying Adam Smith and Hayek.

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