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Boris Johnson asks, "Who the hell is now speaking up for the wealth creators of this country?"

You can bet it's not the politicians.

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Isn't this the Boris who used public money to commission the LSE report that finds by "regularising" 618,000? illegal immigrants status the British economy would gain GPD 3 billion?

It costs GPD11,000 to deport each illegal. So its easier, & if there are enough of them, for them & their activist supporters (Boris, CoE etc.) to rewrite the law in their own favour. BREAK THE LAW & GET REWARDED!

Why not just sell U.K.passports to rich foreigners & divide the spoils each year amongst British citizens? At least it is open & honest.

In 1979, I graduated with a joint-first class honours degree in Russian & Chinese. After 300 job unsuccessful job applications I left England. I helped export 100 million US$ worth of equipment to China in the 1980s alone & save 1500 little men's jobs. That doesn't count as economic wealth creation in today's wafflenomics Britain.

Whilst there are millions of little people to pay taxes & repay a legacy of academia-induced debt (the bandits who produced the world recession all went to university), the LSE, which is run by taxpayer-funded, gravy-train consumptionists, who could not get a constructive job outside their ivory tower, & who produce nothing but the same, keeps rolling on!

Hogwash & incompetence must account for about 25% of the U.K.'s GDP! Get rid of that & the little man would be much richer; but then employment would increase by 1-2 million hogwashers & feeders.

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