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"Serving in Europe's Parliament Is A Cushy Job, but What's the Point?"

Wanted: 736 Europeans to earn $120,000 a year with 12 weeks off, plenty of perks and little accountability.

What is the point? Forgive us if we sound cynical when we say - the point is the cushy job, the hand-outs to special industries and friends, the desire of European leaders to rebuild the Roman Empire and swagger on the world stage, and percolating through it all an obsessive interest in dictating how everyone else lives.


Image: 13th century Bristol

Bristol sent two elected representatives to the first Parliament in Westminster in 1265. They were not paid.

Britain's Parliament was created after a widespread revolt against government injustice and corruption. The point was controlling the power and reducing the exploitation and violence of Henry III's bureaucrats, ending the king's expensive foreign adventures and reducing his high taxes.

Those are reasons for a parliament that people at home can appreciate.

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