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The British people are disgusted with their MPs.

"What we've seen is a conspiracy against the public," said Mrs Pamela Goodchild, who was out shopping in the town's market yesterday. "When I bought my flat here, I worked in an office and had to go out charring in the evenings to pay the mortgage. I wouldn't have expected anyone else to pick up the bill. Why should Mrs Main [St Albans MP] be any different? Why am I paying for her daughter to live for nothing?

"The whole thing is a disgrace. I think that this is one of those times when the Queen could actually use her powers, step in, dissolve Parliament and we could all start afresh. It's a betrayal of the people. I'd go so far as to call it treason."


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This is a quote from a comment to an article in the Guardian I rather like for summing up the whole dreadful situation, I forgot to make a note of the author:-

"The country hate you and want you gone, with all your bigotry, racism, corruption, sleaze and political correctness, with your stasi and spying, your ID cards and unique IDs, your authoritarian nonsense, your laws that don’t work except to persecute innocent people, your divide and rule, your incitement of racial tension, your profligacy, your hypocricy, your abuse of parliament, your abuse of power, your criminal waste of taxpayers' money, your insufferable priggishness, pomposity and arrogance, your incompetence in office, your tribalism, your lying, your fascism. Are these the things New Labour stands for? They are the things it will be remembered for."

kate b:

If nationhood has something to do with keeping the rules and traditions of the nation, then I don't think I am British any more. Multiculturalism and suppression of our Judeo-Christian roots has destroyed us and awakened extreme right and left sympathies. I love this country but am ashamed of the liberalism and forked tongue that all the major parties practice. No-one knows history, the indolence of the electorate is truly astonishing: we are racing through similar events which led to WWII and nobody cares.

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