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From Yeoman's Cottage

In response to our post and email, Peter Watson mailed us the letter he had sent to The Queen. We are republishing the post. Watson's letter follows.



The exposure of so many political figures as immoral, dishonest and possibly even criminal has reportedly dismayed Her Majesty.

Has it finally occurred to Her Majesty that there is a reason why the Royal Assent should not be given automatically to Parliament's bills? Does a Parliament of wastrels who have sold out our country deserve Her Majesty's automatic and obedient assent?

We have argued that our Sovereign's right to refuse to give assent to unconstitutional or corrupt bills is one of the protections of the British Constitution. The right to refuse assent issues out of the Sovereign's covenant with her people to defend their laws and liberties - even from their disgraceful MPs.

Has it finally occurred to us that it is high time to overhaul the way MPs are selected and elected and compensated?

Watson has a different idea. Here is his letter -

Your Majesty,

I shall be brief. Our nation has come under attack from her enemies. In this case I refer to the present government which has reduced the nation to penury and ridicule. Already four million decent men, women and children have emigrated since this monstrosity of a socialist experiment was unleashed upon us.

Many of us who have fought for the interests of the people and who were loyal to the Crown are now so exasperated that I for one am tending to favour a Republic. It surely could not be worse than the present Constitutional Monarchy which lends itself to the idea that Your Majesty is incapable of any positive action whatever.

You promised to govern your people according to their laws and customs. Our membership of the EU has displayed this to have not been undertaken by your Majesty.

In one final effort to convince myself and many others that you are not part of this
Intended destruction of our ancient Realm I humbly petition your Majesty to dissolve Parliament forthwith and at least give your people a chance to be rid of this most vile and treacherous Yoke of criminal politicians our nation has ever experienced.

I am not a jingoistic fanatic. I have children here in school and am en route to Heathrow for another business trip to help drive some exports from the UK. But I am at my wit's end and see no future for us here in this country unless your Majesty intervenes.

I am and remain,
Your Humble and Obedient Servant

Peter Watson

Cat comments: Brits in America in the 18th century continued to send petitions for redress to Parliament. But after decades the time for petitions came to an end. George Washington had once served with distinction in the British Army. In 1774 he wrote to a friend who urged him to send another petition to the throne, Have we not tried this already? Have we not addressed the Lords and remonstrated to the Commons? And to what end? Did they deign to look at our petitions?

The Queen appears to be tied down like Gulliver while the MPs ignore the people. A new way of selecting and electing MPs has to be established.

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