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Cry me a river

You probably heard that Susan Boyle's performance of I dreamed a dream had received more than 25 million hits on YouTube since it first appeared a week ago.

The youngest of nine children, Susan was born oxygen deprived, had disabilities, sang in the church choir but never had a singing career because "I never had a chance", she says. Now 47 years old, she swept Britain's Got Talent when she sang her dream.

The media says this is a story about an ugly duckling transformed into a swan, but it's also a story about a person's fortitude and sweetness - look at Susan smiling at her judges and her kiss to the crowd as she leaves - and notice her untroubled fearlessness and honesty. (She reads Simon Cowell very easily.)

Hear she sings Cry me a river, which she recorded for a charity CD ten years ago -

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