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The elephant snoring gently on the sofa

We are in an economic crisis, we are deeply in debt and we have to look for cost-savings. On the 6th of April the BBC asked three MPs how money could be saved. Not one of them mentioned sending the elephant home.

Graham Wood of York is one of those Brits who is tirelessly working to restore common sense and freedom to our lives. He immediately fired off a letter to the BBC -

On your discussion this morning in consulting three MPs [John Redwood, Vince Cable, and? Michael Meacher] as to how the current debt burden could be eased, millions of listeners would be astonished to hear that not a single one of them mentioned the astronomical? costs of the "elephant in the room", namely that of our membership of the European Union.

How grotesquely (or willfully) blind could one get?

In 2008? the UK paid no less than £55,775 Billion to the EU merely for membership of this corrupt, expensive bureaucracy for which nobody has voted in any election!

Why did the BBC not pursue the MPs over this?

. . .Why no mention of the scandalous waste of public money on the failed CAP and Fisheries "policies"?? So we could go on.

As usual, the BBC, clearly, and presumably deliberately, avoids what is so obvious to the rest of the UK?? Why?

The 55 billion pound price tag paid by Britain includes our direct and indirect expenses for EU membership.

Let's put it this way. Suppose you had your own business and paid taxes. Your taxes were high, but you plugged along. Gradually, though, you find it harder to make money as you fill out more and more forms, paste EU-stipulated labels on your products, and sell less as everyone around you has less money to invest and spend because they, too, are complying with EU regulations and restrictions.

Meanwhile you are paying more for food, fuel, clothes and electronics due to EU tariffs, but those EU costs aren't pasted on your bread and milk, of course. You don't see them, but they're invisibly eating the cash in your wallet. Meanwhile your council taxes are going up to support EU projects never desired by you but approved by your MPs because they were told to do so, because at least 70% of new British laws - and there are thousands of them - now come straight from Brussels. . .

You get the picture.

You and I know why the BBC and MPs failed to mention this issue.

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