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Don't worry Britain - the President likes Oregon

It is an unfortunate fact that with notable exceptions American presidents are either made to look stupid by the media or their mental prowess is greatly exaggerated.

President Reagan, who had read and annotated thousands of books on history and economics, was said by the media never to read, but to spend his afternoons napping. (Except when he was wounded in an assassination attempt, Reagan never took a nap, but he liked to joke that he did.) Now President Obama has flown to Britain with a briefing book that might have been written for sharp third-graders.

In this fount of information we learn that Britain is slightly smaller than Oregon. It was in Oregon, as you may recall, that candidate Obama remarked he had been to all 57 of the states in the United States. (As you know, there are 50; it seems likely that his briefing book on the United States has now told him so.)

As described by Toby Harnden, the briefing book for the President's trip fails to mention almost any of the great achievements of the British people.

Those of you who do know and care about inventions, art, freedom and various other subjects vital to you and your children may well wonder how a place so small, currently the home of sixty million people, could engender greatness.

It's a question worth asking since the answer might help us to see how achievement is nurtured. Those who can't see achievement will never ask the question - and never obtain the answer.

Comments (2)

j hodge:

Third graders? Thank goodness! I've been underestimating him.

Jim Hodge

Henry George:

This is pure rubbish. Blimey, if I want to hear such one-sided bias, I'll listen to Rush Limbaugh. This is bloody poor journalism, not befitting a countryman from the isle of Shakespeare. Limit your critiques to your queen and prime minister. You're out of your depth when it comes to assessing an American president.

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