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Who will it be?

In the March 23 National Review Mark Steyn is focused on one question. He writes -

Tony Blair said, "As Britain knows, all predominant power seems for a time invincible but, in fact, it is transient. The question is: What do you leave behind?"

Britain left behind the first global language; the legal system of a quarter of the world's nations; three-sevenths of the G7 major economies; 14 of the 25 jurisdictions with the highest GDP per capita; the four wealthiest nations with large populations (over 20 million); the key regional players in almost every corner of the globe, from South Africa to India, to Australia. . .[Not to mention representative government and liberty. Ed. note]

Steyn goes on to make a painful and not entirely inaccurate statement -

Britons and Canadians fought tyranny abroad only to enter the 21st century incrementally but enthusiastically embracing the control-freak caprices and micro-regulatory regimes of their old enemies.

Not entirely accurate because it is British and Canadian politicians and bureaucrats who embrace capricious regulation, and the people have found it devilishly hard to stop them. Steyn declares -

The world could use a bold standard-bearer for liberty.

Who will it be?

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