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Welcome home Royal Anglians

Andrew Stuttaford of National Review reports on the "rapturous welcome home" given to the Royal Anglian Regiment when they returned from Afghanistan to Norwich in 2007. It was quite a contrast to the ill-informed Muslims who jeered the other day in Luton at the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.

An estimated 10,000 people lined the parade route as the soldiers, nicknamed the Vikings, marched. . .

There was loud applause, cheers and shouts of encouragement from onlookers, who stood six-deep in places, many waving union flags and some holding banners. . .

Andrew wonders about the lessons to be learned. They seem quite clear.


The 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment welcomed home and honoured in 2007.
Images: MOD


The 2nd Battalion is due to march again today, in Watford.

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A Betts:

Dear Curly,

Do those who find our opinions objectionable reciprocate by protecting our rights to free speech?

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