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"Britain's capital earned its 'Londonistan' sobriquet - supposedly coined by French counterterrorism agents in the mid-1990s - when it became a center for Islamic radicals fleeing persecution in their Muslim home countries. These Islamists flocked to Britain precisely because of its tradition of tolerance. It's a cruel twist of history that radical Muslims have been allowed to use the freedom they found there to limit freedom for everybody else."

Cruel and ironic.

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A Betts:

When a government legislates conformity of thought it is already on a dangerous path to intolerance & totalitarianism.

The imposition of political correctness in the U.K. is no less dictatorial & will be no less tyrannical than that of other extremist (it-is-for-your-own-good, must-be-done-at-all-costs) political dogmas.

Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein etc. all promoted their individual brand of political correctness – woe betide those who are non-conformists, non-adherents & or dissidents to the doctrine of pc!

Coersive enforcement (used by shallow intolerant people) is, by its very nature, no substitute for an ingrained sense of decency, reciprocated tolerance, freedom of thought & expression & self-determination. It was for these ideals, not pc, that in the 20th century millions of Britons & their overseas allies fought & died to preserve.

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