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Onward British Constitution


I attended the meeting of the British Constitution Group on Saturday. It was heartening to find about 500 men and women - many of them young - ready to defend the British Constitution from an overweening government.

John Bingley gave a tremendous presentation about the Constitution.

John Galloway presented an exchange of letters with The Queen concerning the European Union and her sworn oath to defend British laws and liberties. Like the letters which I have received, these contribute to our growing understanding of how independence has been seized from the British people.

Albert Burgess, a retired special policeman, reported on presenting evidence of treason at his local police station. When the police did not act, he presented a complaint to a police force in a different county. He urged us to do the same since there seems to be clear evidence of treason. (There is a CD available from which documents can be printed which support the truth of this serious allegation.)

Brian Gerrish of UK Column gave a presentation on the hazards of Common Purpose and neurolinguistic programming, and John Harris spoke about being a freeman on the land.

Roger Hayes, John Galloway, Frank Taylor did a terrific job of organizing and leading the meeting which came to this conclusion -

1) It was agreed that we would continue as individuals to assert our constitutional rights in a non-violent way.

2) Study groups will begin with the aim of making the defence of the British Constitution a grassroots mass movement.

Comments (3)

I did not find out that there was to be such a meeting until Sunday, but I am glad to see that someone has writen about what happened.

I would wager that any follow up meeting would attract a larger audience. I for one would have been interested.


(I am going to put a link to this piece on my blog)

albert burgess:

I am very pleaesed that you enjoyed the meeting.

We want to lead the fight back by giving every right thinking Britain a job to do, whether it is asking for freedom of information on Common Purpose and sending it to Brian Gerrish to correlate, or reporting treason, or by lawful rebellion.

Come to the meetings and we will tell you how to do these things. We need you to take ownership of a part of the fight to get this country back where it belongs, in the hand of the indigenous British people who for too long have been second class citizens in our own country.

We are ordinary British people who have had enough. Join us and make a real difference. Contact me at

God bless.


"These contribute to our growing understanding of how independence has been seized from the British people."

Should it become necessary for you to assert, in writing, the fact of British independence then, as an American, I can suggest a model text. . .
(grinning and ducking and running)

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