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January reply from The Queen

Britain's freedom has meant a great deal to the freedom of people everywhere. Britain's freedom in peril places the freedom of people everywhere in peril.

We now face the takeover of British laws and liberties by the European Union. A feckless Parliament, unresponsive to the people, has allowed this to happen.

Consequently I've been engaged in correspondence with Her Majesty The Queen, our Constitutional Monarch. My concern is that The Queen has not been acting as a constitutional safeguard against unlawful and undemocratic power. To serve as that safeguard is the Sovereign's primary responsibility according to the Coronation Oath.

The Queen explicitly acknowledged her role in 1964 -

"The role of a Constitutional Monarch is to personify the democratic state, to legitimate authority, to assure the legality of its measures and to guarantee the execution of its popular will."

The Queen forwarded my September letter to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry responded by saying that "The Queen no longer has a political or executive role" and that Parliament, not The Queen, "holds sovereignty".

Since this position subverts the British Constitution, and the people's covenant with their Sovereign, I wrote to The Queen again to ask her when this vital Constitutional change had taken place, and on whose authority.

Below is the reply I received from The Queen. The entire exchange can be read here.


I await Jack Straw's response. Are we to believe that our Queen is a constitutional nullity?

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Anne Palmer.:

As a national of the UK, The Queen is an EU citizen, but that does not affect her prerogatives as the Sovereign


People often wonder whether laws apply to The Queen, since they are made in her name.

Given the historical development of the Sovereign as the 'Fount of Justice', civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Sovereign as a person under UK law. Acts of Parliament do not apply to The Queen in her personal capacity unless they are expressly stated to do so.

However, The Queen is careful to ensure that all her activities in her personal capacity are carried out in strict accordance with the law.

Under the Crown Proceedings Act (1947), civil proceedings can be taken against the Crown in its public capacity (this usually means proceedings against government departments and agencies, as the elected Government governs in The Queen's name).

In the case of European Union law, laws are enforced in the United Kingdom through the United Kingdom's national courts. There is therefore no machinery by which European law can be applied to The Queen in her personal capacity.

However, it makes no difference that there is no such mechanism, as The Queen will in any event scrupulously observe the requirements of EU law.

As a national of the United Kingdom, The Queen is a citizen of the European Union, but that in no way affects her prerogatives and responsibilities as the Sovereign.
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Paul Henke:

I find this both shocking and intolerable. If this is the case, that Parliament is sovereign then there is no further requirement for a monarch which is unacceptable to the majority of people in the UK and rightly so in my opinion. This has to be fought on all levels and we must get others write to
Jack Straw in protest. I certainly shall be doing so this weekend.

Ferne Abbottt:

JOHN BINGLEY has done a really intensive presentation called; 'The Constitution and Magna Carta' It is on 'Google' and you can find it by searching on the site for the title of the video + his name. Also we have DVDS of the presentation available (free donations gratefully accepted!) email:

It is a slide presentaion of the history of the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights + a lot more! There is a Question and Answers section also. It may answer a few questions regarding the monarchs role in our country today.

James D Haeberle:

My opinions are without force or effect since I am not a citizen of your great nation. Indeed, we of the American stripe believe that we are citizens, not subjects in our own land. Reading all this today has saddened this old Anglophile. You
are a wonderful people with a fabulous History. Sadly, in recent decades, the bulk of your people seem to have lost sight of some obvious truths.

1) No person or body of persons can be sovereign except the people if the rights of the people are to be preserved. To entrust those rights to any other person or group is dangerous in the extreme. Witness the plethora of "gun control" laws with which your land is now rife. And witness the resulting rise in violent crime. Timothy Holme wrote a great little book many years ago called "Vile Florentines." In the period he describes, firearms had not yet even been invented, but the Florentines were as murderous and bloodthirsty a bunch as God has ever given their agency on this earth.

2)Citizens of a democracy must always take care to be actively involved in their own government. Not to do so is an invitation to mischief. I beg you, dear Britons, to recall the words of the American jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. "If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he cannot complain if, after a while, the law follows his example."

May God bless your nation, my nation, and all nations. We're going to need it.

James D. Haeberle
Chubbuck, Idaho


She can't say when she stopped being the constitutional monarch??


So when did the queen abdicate her responsibility as the head of this nation?? and where is it published to inform her subjects of this change to our constitution. If this is the case,(and I cannot see how it can be) is the act of swearing allegiance to the Queen by our police, and armed service personnel, just a big joke and being used as a cover up by this government as a cover up to yet another act of treachery.

Ian Wallace:


If Her Majesty no longer has a political or executive role and Parliament, not The Queen, "holds sovereignty" then this farcical organisation the European Union has stolen my allegiance to Her Majesty, they have taken away my right to call my self a subject of the Queen. I am reduced to something I do not wish to be ‘a citizen of the EU’.

By what right do Jack Straw and the rest of that bunch of prevaricators in Westminster remove our rights? I wish one of these self righteous clowns now in charge of our country could explain to my tired, old brain why I should welcome the opportunity to pour millions of pounds in to that black hole across the Channel, why I should witness my country being overrun by thousands of East Europeans who see my country as the promised land, flowing with milk and honey, and it’s all handed to them on a plate. I’m retired but I still have to pay Income Tax, which supports these leeches.

Can we not demand they answer our questions?


"The Queen forwarded my September letter to the Ministry of Justice. The Ministry responded by saying that "The Queen no longer has a political or executive role" and that Parliament, not The Queen, "holds sovereignty".

THIS IS TREASON It is in contravention of the Queen's coronation oath which all parliamentarians have to swear to uphold before they can take their seats in both houses. By this it can be seen that Parliament has unlawfully usurped the people's sovereignty. There is no constitutional process that could allow this. Parliament by its own confession is now an unlawful assembly. One way or another the Queen has to be complicit in this treason, it makes no difference whether she simply gave it her tacit consent or it was by her idea and origination, there can be no argument now, the Queen has abdicated her sworn, lawful and constitutional role as Monarch of this nation.

It does explain why the Queen and Parliament allowed Charles to have a civil wedding. The Queen has terminated the constitutional monarchy so there will be no more coronations. The Queen is now acting out a charade in order to draw from the nation as much money as possible for herself and her family before the whole Monarchy set-up is done away with.

What is needed this summer is a very big rally outside Buckingham Palace demanding that this Queen gets out and we have a coronation to elect a new Monarch and Governor of this nation according to our own constitution and laws.


Jonathan Carr:

I do agree completely that the only way pressure will be brought on our Traitorous politicians and the Royal Family is to organise the equivalent of the Countryside March on Buckingham Palace to highlight that the constitutional settlement with the Monarchy under the Bill of Rights has been broken, and that the Queen should abdicate in favour of a new head of state sworn to uphold our constitution, customs and laws. Only that sort of publicity and activity will bring about the changes we need.


The buck never stops being passed.
Fluff and stuff, but never an honest answer to an honest question.
Thank you David for your temerity in exposing what we are really up against - a brick wall.
I think it is time to get a ladder and scale the wall.

Piers Wilson:

James D. Haeberle I do not intend to be impolite but you should not comment on what you do not understand. I do not begrudge you this view because you are American thus you have no way of understanding.

I futher add that the reason for the massive rise in violence in this country is not the fault of Her Majesty, but of the 12 years of incompetence from this government. I will also say that you should take a hard look at your nation before commenting on the affairs of others.

Abbott is absolutely correct. I can fault not a word. I love the fact that we still have our monarchy and I take such great pride in it and my nationality that I would in fact die to uphold it (perhaps that sounds extreme, but it's true).

I would not however do the same for the unpatriotic and treasonous criminals that govern our country irrespective of all Britis citizens.

As far as I am concerned, taking into acount every atrocity of this government since it was first elected about 12 years ago, they should all be imprisoned.

I hope Her Majesty the Queen realises how much influence she has, and that if she were to speak out against the government with conviction and force she would receive the full backing of the British public.

Long Live the Queen!

Roger Hayes:

Re Mrs Elizabeth Windsor

It is perfectly clear to me and it should be to the rest of you that despite numerous letters asking if she (the Queen) is still sovereign and that she declines to answer - she is not.

Obfuscation is a tool for deceit.

I have also been alerted to the possibility that Oaths to the Queen are regarded as being received by the Queen on behalf of the Council of Europe (work in progress).

The situation is perfectly clear. We have been deceived enormously by the Queen, Parliament, the House of Lords and many others besides.

It is the custom of this great nation that our Parliament derives its authority and legitimacy from our Monarch who is sovereign. If our Monarch is not sovereign, then Parliament is not legitimate and I for one will now withhold my tax until anybody demanding same can demonstrate that once again the Queen IS sovereign.

And if anybody chooses to take me before a judge, I will ask him/her by what authority does he/she claim to be able to judge me in the absence of a sovereign to whom they swear an oath... to uphold our laws.

And if a judge opts to fudge the issue by refusing to answer my question I will treat him/her with the contempt they deserve and I will tell them (politely) what they can do with their illegitimate judgments.

I smell rebellion and I am prepared to do my bit.

And you?

Roger Hayes

Hold on...:

Hold on just a moment here...

You seem to be assuming Parliament does not involve the Queen: the Queen is part of Parliament, and it is that entity: 'the Queen in Parliament under God' to give a full name, which is sovereign in the UK, not just the Queen and not just the combination of Lords and Commons.

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