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Brits will rise

Regarding the Iraq war and the terrorism of violent Islamists, Mark Steyn writes -

I remember being at a dinner in New York a couple of days after 9/11, and the subject of the British at war came up. We talked about the Falklands — a risky venture but the public and the tabloids ("DON'T CRY FOR US, ARGENTINA", "STICK IT UP YOUR JUNTA") loved it. We all assumed that's the way it would go this time. But Britain is a more enervated land and it quickly concluded this war was Blair's not theirs. The snapshots of the post-9/11 era are not attractive: the failures in Basra, the Brit prisoners in Iran, and Her Majesty's subjects turning up on the other team's side everywhere from Kandahar to Bombay to the London Tube. The question is whether a nation that's "lost the stomach for a fight" has also lost its survival instinct.

In response –

Yes, the war was Blair’s. In contrast, in the Falklands, Brits were defending other Brits and British values and freedoms.

As to “Her Majesty's subjects turning up on the other team's side”, we point out that the terrorists are Pakistanis with British passports and none of them are Her Majesty’s Christian subjects.

The abomination of the political class deciding that virtually anyone in the world can hold a British passport and live in Britain - even if he hates tolerance, fair play and equal rights for women, not to mention Christian values - is greatly resented by all level-headed Brits.

There is a great deal to be overcome, particularly in teaching the history of Brits who fought for freedom and constitutional government, but we believe that Brits will rise to the occasion. We have to.

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A Betts:

Unfortunately teaching history alone will not turn the tide - teach morality also!

From overseas I see the Britain of my youth, & in particular, its character & morality deliberately & inexorably undermined from within by a few politically intolerant & self-serving ideological zealots.

Bush did find a weapon of mass destruction in Iraq - Saddam Hussein! Saddam was responsible for 1 million Iraqi/Iranian deaths. Bush, not the younger, but the elder should be condemned throughout history. His short sightedness stopped the Gulf ground war after only a hundred hours. If he had continued it for another 5 days, the Iraqis themselves would have toppled Hussein & possibly set up a better government, with the democratic values of USA being more appreciated than they are now. This would have prevented Bush the younger's war & certainly have prevented the carnage in which American pilots could observe, but not help, 30,000 marsh Arabs being butchered by the likes of Chemical Ali & Co.

Modern politicians' limpid expediency & hollow human rights lip-service (Rwanda, Pol Pot's Cambodia, Sudan, Somalia, North Korea, Iran, Zimbabe, Burma etc. ) contracts strickingly with the moral stand taken by Churchill, Roosevelt & Truman.

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