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A Christmas tree story


Image: BBC

Every year since the end of WWII the people of Norway have sent a fir tree to Trafalgar Square at Christmas, to thank the British people for freeing them from the Nazis.

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At least the people of Norway remember what they & others went through under & against the Nazis to regain their freedom & democracy. Probably more so than the politically correct, multi-cultural, multi-faith, multi-memory loss generation of today's "Brits".


Something to do with a British commando who having survived a raid in Norway was being helped to escape by the Norwegian resitance. Hiding in the cold forests of the night of Christmas eve as the German ski troops were searching, it became midnight and the Norwegian guide turned to the soldier and shook his hand wishing him a Merry Christmas. The Commando stared into the dark snowy night and remarked that he should be home, he had made a promise to his little boy that he would bring him home a christmas tree. The guide said to him, "From now on, no little child in England will go without a Christmas tree" I'm not sure but I believe the soldier was eventualy captured and executed under Hitlers infamous commando edict. But Norway kept its promise and no child in the UK ever goes without a Christmas tree every year since that time to this day.

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