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The people's house


By right Parliament does not belong to civil servants or MPs. It does not belong to the dominant political party or to the government. It does not belong to the European Union. By right Parliament is the people's house. The people created it and fought for it. By right it is theirs.

Today the house that belongs to the British people is being destroyed by the European Union, the government and the political parties.

The recent investigation and arrest of Conservative MP Damian Green by anti-terrorist police in a case that had nothing to do with anti-terror activities shows how little this government respects the people's house, the people's freedom or even the freedom of MPs.

Green was arrested because he had leaked documents that showed that the Labour government had hired thousands of illegal immigrants to work in Whitehall, thereby undermining respect for law and creating a security risk, and had used oppressive measures to keep Labour MPs in line, though every MP is bound to serve all the people according to his or her conscience. The idea that a party would force any MP to vote against his conscience is repellent.

The third leaked document showed the Labour government's real face - its insulting contempt for the people. In this miserable memo the Labour government muttered that increasing poverty would cause increasing crime.

The idea that poverty and crime are inextricably linked is an insult to millions of poor, honest people. It is disintegrating families that are behind crime, and the government's policies have contributed to their disintegration.

But more important than their content is this point -

The "leaked" documents do not belong to the government. They belong to the people. The problems they contain should have been discussed in Parliament by the servants of the people and they should have been solved.

Instead we face an incompetent government that cannot solve problems, ignores the British Constitution, deliberately destroys the house of the people and abusively invades the homes of British people.

There are people who are working to restore the house of the people to the people.

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So who are the people working to restore the house of the people to the people?

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