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Coolness under fire in Bombay

When I heard the ghastly accounts of terrorism in Bombay, I felt terribly for the victims of the assaults. I also felt a swell of pride for the response of the British people who were attacked.

They were staying at the Taj Hotel, built by British engineer WA Chambers, or travelling through the magnificent railway terminus, originally called the Victoria Terminus, built in 1888 to celebrate Queen Victoria's Jubilee, or were at St George's Hospital. These buildings were all constructed during the Raj and are recognized as symbols of Bombay - Mumbai - today. British architect Edwin Lutyens designed the area where the Taj is located. But more impressive than the British architecture were the cool-headed Brits interviewed on CNN in the last 24 hours.

The person who affected me most was a young woman in evening dress and a sparkling necklace who had climbed down a fireman's ladder from a high floor in the hotel, and yet was able to deliver a calm and lucid description of the events leading up to her rescue.

It's said that the perpetrators were Muslims who were specifically looking for Brits and Americans. This website has always recognized the threat to the British people and, indeed, to the people of the world from violent Islamists.

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