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80-year-old stops jewel thieves in Richmond

Eye-witnesses said that the man showed "amazing guts" risking his life as he tackled the raider. The 80-year-old, who was wearing a red poppy in honour of fallen servicemen and women,

stepped in as the two attackers pounded the reinforced glass windows of the branch of jewellers Ernest Jones in Richmond, south-west London, in broad daylight. . .

"Everyone was standing back when this old guy at the bus stop decided he was not just going to stand there and watch.

"He must have been around 80. He went over and started flapping at one of the robbers. He grabbed him from behind around his shoulders and managed to pull his balaclava off his face.

. . .The have-a-go-hero, aged around 80, left the robber so stunned at being unmasked that he and his accomplice dropped their weapons and fled empty-handed.


Frightening. Civilisation rests on the shoulders of one brave old man.

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