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Justice, not vegetables, in the balance


Janet Devers has been fined and given a criminal record for selling vegetables in other than metric measures. Her prosecution by the Hackney Borough Council is not only petty, it attacks her fundamental rights under the British Constitution to be treated equally under the law.

The right of the British people to sell and buy food using traditional pounds and ounces has been repeatedly attacked by officialdom with an absurd sense of themselves and in the thrall of the European Union.

A number of honest British tradespeople have become Metric Martyrs because they have stood their ground and sold their goods using the sensible and time-tested measures that the British public wants to use. As a result they have faced harassment and prosecution, fines and criminal records.

Janet Devers has joined this honourable host.

The Hackney Borough Council brought this prosecution against Janet despite the fact that other traders at the Ridley Road market sell in traditional measures.

Mrs Devers is the sister of fellow stall-holder Colin Hunt, who was one of the original Metric Martyrs. He has been repeatedly harassed and prosecuted by officials of the Hackney Council.

Enforcing bad laws is bad. Enforcing bad laws selectively strikes at the very heart of British freedom and the rule of law for it says that we are not all equal before the law and will not be treated equally. Some of us will be persecuted.

Janet and the redoubtable Neil Herron of the Metric Martyrs Defence Fund will lodge an appeal against her conviction at Thames Magistrates Court at 12.30 pm today. This is in addition to the four outstanding charges which are set to go before a jury in January.

A number of celebrities and politicians have spoken out in her support.

You can support Janet and the Martyrs here.

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