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Sir Bob Geldof tells "a story that's not been told"

Sir Bob Geldof, the former rock star turned advocate for global poverty relief, praised the Bush administration for its increased commitment to aid for Africa, "a story that's not been told." And he pleaded with the crowd to "tell that story. . . .You can't leave it up to a couple of Paddy pop stars to tell it" (the other being Bono).

"It's no small legacy," he added, and Bush has "set the bar quite high" for Barack Obama or John McCain.

Via Instapundit, who observed the story would not be told until after the election. We doubt it will be told even then.

Geldof continues to make Africa his cause. Hopefully he recognizes that Africa needs the rule of just law, property rights and free trade. That was the point made by a Kenyan economist who understands Adam Smith.

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